Reproduction of a White rhino of specimen from which the horn was stolen from the Iziko South African Museum on 13 April 2008.

Ceratotherium simum,  White (Square-lipped) Rhino

Collection Accession Number:  SAM ZM 00377. Sex:  Male

Locality: Mazoe District, Mashonaland

Donated by Cecil John Rhodes

Shot by Arthur Eyre – June 1895

Animal sent via Beira to Rowland Ward Taxidermy Studio, Piccadilly, London.

Received at the SA Museum on 9 September 1896

Front horn, length on outside curve, 35 1/2 inches, circumference 26 inch

Rear horn, length 7 5/8 inches, circumference 21 inches

“In 1895 Mr. Arthur Eyre obtained yet another white rhinoceros bull in the same district of Northern Mashunaland.  This fine specimen was bought by Mr. Cecil Rhodes and presented by him to the South African Museum at Cape Town.”  H. A Bryden.1899. Great and Small Game of Africa

The display of rhinoceros horns in museums continues to be a challenge, and most museums have replaced the original horns with synthetic substitutes.

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