A truncated hand of a white hunter, labelled with a few sites of rhinoceros conquest:Cherangangi Hills, Kenya 1912Serengeti Plains, Tanzania, 1926Nepal, India, 1923 Java, Indonesia, 1910Lado, Congo, 1910Solari, Kenya, 1906  


Images from the Smithsonian-Roosevelt expedition in Kenya, 1909. During this expedition that went through Kenya, the DRC and Sudan, 11400 animal specimens were collected: 4000 birds, 2000 reptiles and amphibians, 500 fish, and 5000 mammals, including 11 Black rhinoceros and 9 White rhinoceros. Many of the animals provided fresh meat for many porters needed to carry … Read more 89


The title page from George Cuvier’s most famous work, the 1817 comparative anatomy publication Le Règne Animal, Paris, together with his publication from the Annales du Museum d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris) in which he describes the osteology of the Indian rhinoceros. This entry was based on the 1793 dissection of the Versailles rhinoceros that died in its pond at Versailles.


Stereoscope image of Miss Bet, an Indian rhinoceros at the London Zoo in 1864, taken by Frank Haes and sold as stereoscope cards. The rhino arrived at the zoo in 1850 and died in 1873. This image is mirrored by an engraving of the 1846, Battle of Aliwal in the First Anglo-Sikh war. By the … Read more 84


Reproduction of a White rhino of specimen from which the horn was stolen from the Iziko South African Museum on 13 April 2008. Ceratotherium simum,  White (Square-lipped) Rhino Collection Accession Number:  SAM ZM 00377. Sex:  Male Locality: Mazoe District, Mashonaland Donated by Cecil John Rhodes Shot by Arthur Eyre – June 1895 Animal sent via … Read more 83


Count Giuseppe de Reali was a Venetian landowner and passionate big game hunter who went on twelve expeditions in Northern and Central Africa between 1898 and 1929. On his death in 1937, the vast collection of more than 300 items of trophies and ethnographic objects was left to the city of Venice and is currently … Read more 81


The 32 Battalion, or “the terrible ones” was a light infantry battalion of the South African Defence Force, founded in 1975 and deployed in Angola as a counter-insurgency force to assist UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola) against Communist forces. Colonel Jan Breytenbach commanded this force In 1997 he published his memoirs Eden’s Exiles: One Soldier’s Fight … Read more 79


A collection of labels, formally based on existing rhinoceros specimen labels, with texts relating to animal collection and display. This particular case is left exposed, thereby suggesting that labels are contingent and subject to change.


The “Versailles rhinoceros’” was a gift from the French governor of West Bengal to Louis XV. It was set on board ship in December 1769 and arrived in Versailles in September 1770. The cost of its transportation was equivalent to more than four years’ salary for a ship’s captain, and in Versailles it amazed and … Read more 77


At the start of the 20th century a new method of taxidermy was developed that has remained similar until today. A clay body was modelled around an armature, allowing for accurate proportions and the animal to be given a particular pose or character.  A plaster form was cast from this, and the skin then stretched tightly over … Read more 76