Collection of female rhinoceros toes from the AMNH collection with pages from Herbert Lang’s field notebooks.M-51854. Ceratotherium simum cottoni. Collected 16 April 1911, Faradje, DRC

Herbert Lang, a German taxidermist and photographer, led the American Museum’s Congo expedition between June 1909 and September 1915. Together with James Chapin they collected 5800 mammal specimens, including many rhinoceros. 

At the Berlin Conference of 1885, King Leopold II of Belgium acquired rights to the territory that is the present Democratic Republic of Congo. His private army forced residents to work in rubber plantations as slaves, and methods of coercion included mass-murder and mutilation. 

In 1908 the Belgium parliament annexed the Congo as a Belgium colony.

The Royal Museum for Central Africa


American Museum Congo Expedition


The tapeworms of the rhinoceroses : a study based on material from the Belgian Congo. American Museum