Metal object reminiscent of a bronze rhino horn grater – Han period, China 206Bc – 24 AD.

In 2015 artist Julian Gasson made a patina print from a copper deep-etched object based on this grater and presented it on the travelling “Rhinos are Coming’ exhibition. https://frithalangerman.com/rhino/

Keratin rhino horn when carved and polished becomes translucent and lustrous with age. This, together with the mythologies surrounding the animal and its horn, has resulted in its use for rhino horn cups presented to Chinese emperors, the handles of ceremonial Yemeni curved daggers and embellished walking stick and pistol grips.

Rhino horn is believed to have magical properties that include the purification of water, detection of poisons, curing cancer, lowering fever, prevention of gout and rheumatism, curing headaches and high blood pressure and acting as an aphrodisiac.