Excrement from 5 different rhino species, labelled with the names of 5 significant specimens from zoos.

Pretoria Zoo 1946 – Cerotherium simum.

The first white rhinoceros shown in captivity. “Zulana” from the Umfolozi Game Reserve was born on 23 July 1946.

London Docks 1872 – Dicerorhinus sumatrensis.

The first Sumatran rhinoceros born in captivity – aboard a vessel in London docks that had arrived from Singapore. Officials from London Zoo examined the baby, but it died 12 days later.

London Zoo 1868 – Diceros bicornis.

The first black rhinoceros in captivity arrived at the London Zoo in 1868 from Sudan.

Ribeira Palace 1515 – Rhinoceros unicornis.

The first Indian rhinoceros in captivity since 250 AD arrived at the menagerie of King Manuel I of Portugal.

Adelaide Zoo 1907 – Rhinoceros sondaicus.

The last Javanese rhinoceros in captivity died after 20 years at the Adelaide zoo.